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St. Margaret’s R.C. Primary School

P1 Mrs Baxter

P1 Term III 4 Contexts for Learning

What a busy term it has been for Primary 1. We have been learning about two very exciting topics, Water States and People Who Help Us. The boys and girls particularly enjoyed exploring water states as we had lots of practical activities such as water/ ice play, water and ice tranformations from one state into another, and exploring water as a gas. The whole class engaged with this topic and did very well remembering our scientific terms : solid, liquid and gas.

We have also been looking at People Who Help Us. We have loved this topic, particularly inviting guests into the Primary 1 class to answer our questions about their jobs. We had a lovely visit from Sue , the lollipop lady, who works outside our school. She answered all of our questions, such as:

Question : “Why do you have a stick?”
Answer: “So cars know it is time to stop to let the boys and girls cross the road.”

Question : “Why do you wear yellow?”
Answer: “To help the cars see me, even when it is dark in winter.”

We also had a visit from Daniel’s Mum, who works in a library and told us all about how she helps boys and girls like us find books and activities in the library.

Thank you to all our visitors this term.

P1 Term I Aug 2016 Info

Primary 1 Blog 16th Jan 17
Primary 1 have been very busy since our Christmas holidays getting back into our school routines.Today we were writing about our weekends, we were trying very hard to form our letters correctly and to use finger spaces.
In maths we are looking at number stories to 4 and 5, working hard to increase our speed at using our fingers (using bunny ears) and our recall the number facts.
Primary 1 are very excited to be having a Scottish focus this month ahead of Burns Day and the Scottish assembly. We are going to try hard to learn a Scots poem and perform a Scots song.

grannie-angieGrannie Angie is showing the children her teddy. 🙂
Primary 1 have been working hard on our topic “All About Me”. All the children brought in their favourite toys and gave a short presentation to the class. Then we invited some grandparents in to share what their favourite toys had been as children. We were very lucky, as three lovely Grannys came to visit and some even brought their favourite toys.

Primary 1 have also just performed an assembly about our topic. Mrs. Baxter, Ms. Marshall and Mrs. Moore were very proud of the whole class, especially for singing “We’re all Special” so beautifully.