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St. Margaret’s R.C. Primary School

P2 Mrs Baxter & Ms Paxton

Primary 2 Class Blog March 2018
In Primary 2 we have been busy learning about Castles in our afternoon topic time with P1 and P3/4. We are developing lots of art, problem solving, collaborative, fine and gross motor skills as well as historical facts during our engaged learning afternoons. In Literacy we enjoyed learning Scots’ language and reciting our Scots’ poems to an audience. We are continuing to learn how to build up and break down words using the phonics we are learning. We use current events eg Chinese New Year, snowy days to develop our descriptive and recount writing In Maths we are continuing to develop our adding and subtracting skills and applying to problems and learning how to measure using centimetres. We are very good at telling the time now. We are now learning about symmetry and how to identify symmetrical shapes and patterns. We really enjoyed parents coming in to see how we learn time. Thank you for sharing our learning!
Primary 2 Class Blog December 2017
In Maths we have been learning how to
calculate totals in money and how to give
change…hopefully come in handy at the Christmas
sale! In Literacy we have been writing poems about
Poppy Day. We enjoyed going to Mass to learn
about St Margaret and afterwards we drew amazing
portraits of how we thought she would look. We
have been busy learning lots of songs to share with
you all at our Nativity and Carol service. Whilst we
are busy making super decorations for you we have
also not forgotten the meaning of Christmas and in
RE are learning the significance of the Christmas
Primary 2 Blog October 2017
In literacy we have been learning some
tricky spelling rules about magic e, and how it affects
other letter sounds. We are
working hard to remember these rules by using magic
e words in sentences and reading them to partners.
P2 have also been enjoying our afternoon work with P3/4.
We have learnt so much
about Africa, it’s habitats, animals and traditions. We
are really looking forward to showing our friends and
families all about this topic at our assembly on
Friday 10th November.
Primary 2 Class Blog September 2017
Welcome back to all of our P2 students, and a special
welcome to those who have joined our class this year.
We had a wonderful day at the Edinburgh Book
Festival. We went to see a show called “Gie it Laldy”,
which was about introducing children to Scottish
vocabulary through stories. Mac and Mike are two
Sottish authors who taught us some Scottish
vocabulary such as “heid”, “neb” and “blether” (which
we like to do in Primary 2). We really enjoyed this
show as there was LOTS of singing and audience
We have begun our afternoon activities with the P3/4
class and are really excited to be working with
different children and adults.