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St. Margaret’s R.C. Primary School

P2/3 Mrs Duff

P2/3 4 Contexts for Learning Term III 2017
P2 3 Class info Aug 2016
P2/3 have been learning about magnets. We have learned they stick to some metal.

We have been learning how to make good posters. A good poster needs information, pictures and colour and neat writing.

Some of us have been learning multiplication in numeracy.

P2/3 have been practising very hard for our Nativity. P3’s are narrators and musicians and P2’s are actors this year. We look forward to seeing you at our shows!

p2-3-mathsP2/3’s are learning how to build words using lots of different approaches and resources. We read to our partner and use 2 stars and wish to improve our reading aloud.

In numeracy we are working on mental addition and using patterns to help us solve a problem.

This term our topic is Weather. We are learning about different types of weather and what these look like. We have conducted experiments using wind socks and we are recording the temperature every day.

Queensferry Arts Project

Primary 2/3 and P4 will be joined by artist Karen Trotter on Wednesday 26th Oct (P4) & Thursday 27th Oct (P2/3) for the day to learn more about creating works of art from natural and found objects. Karen will present some of her current pieces to the class in the morning and then accompany them on a woodland walk in the Ferry Glen, where the pupils will collect leaves, bark etc. to use in their own creations. On returning to school, Karen will support and guide the pupils in how to make the best use of their woodland materials. We intend to hold a presentation of the finished pieces in the near future. These workshops form part of a larger celebration of our community as our Queensferry Crossing opens.

The organisation and funding for the project has been led by Gowan Calder, an arts professional who is also one of our parents. The project was initially a joint venture with North Queensferry Primary and we hope to collaborate with the school again. Gowan will be taking a video diary of the activities for promotional purposes and to enable future funding applications however we have stated that no head and shoulder shots of pupils can appear in the footage. The filming will be limited to shots of the activities rather than the pupils.