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St. Margaret’s R.C. Primary School

P4 Mr O’Connor

P4 Term I August 2016 Class Info
P4 Term II Jan-April 4 Contexts for Learning
P4 Term I 4 Contexts for Learning
Dates for your diary 2016.17
P4 Term III April-June 2017 4 Contexts for Learning
Primary 4 news update for May 2017
In science this term we have been learning about food chains and how animals have adapted to suit their habitats. We’re really enjoying learning about this interesting topic, Mrs Connelly has helped us to observe some of the wild life that is around our school. We have visited the zoo and had an amazing day, thank you very much to Mrs Jamieson for all her help organising the funding to help support us go. In our writing we have been looking at what makes a good newspaper report and trying to create some interesting ones of our own. We have been doing some of our learning outside making the most of the lovely weather.

Primary 4 Class Blog 8.05.17
Hello it is your class blog reporters KW and MG and we will be telling you about what we were learning in class. In English we have been doing up levelling in writing [Here is some lovely work from A.T]……
In maths we have been using Sumdog on the laptops or iPads. We have also been learning about coordinates as well as doing some number rounding to the nearest 10 or 100, it is quite fun.  Here are some of our pupils fantastic Maths work….
In P.E we have been running laps to build pace and stamina for the Race for Life. We have also been playing team games and improving our athletics skills.
That’s all for now! We’ll give you another update soon.
KW & MG.

Primary 4 Class Blog 10.04.17
Hello, we are your class blog reporters: Kathryn and Mia. This month we will be telling you what we have been doing and learning about in class.
In writing we have been learning comprehension reading for understanding and writing the answers to HOTS questions.

In maths in the morning we have our number square booklets we get asked to add, subtract lots of numbers within a 100 and some higher!

We are choosing our new cooperative learning groups and saying goodbye to the people we have been working with in our group from last term. We’re VERY excited about our new seats and groups! 

This afternoon we had Art. We were learning to sketch observational drawings of leaves and twigs that we found outside in both black and white then colour. It was lots of fun. Many found it hard at first but with a Growth Mindset we achieved a fabulous finished drawing. We all shared what we liked about other people’s art work. We love art. That’s all for now.

An amazing Leaf Sketch by RRM.

Don’t forget that there is a new competition available for you to enter on Sumdog at home!!! Good luck!! 🙂

Friday 27th January 2017 P4 Class Blog

Today at St Margaret’s we celebrated our Scottish culture and heritage by hosting a Scot’s Assembly for our parents and families.
Our class performed a poem called ‘The Swing’ by Robert Louis Stevenson and a song called ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’.
Some of our children were demonstrating some highland dance, piano playing, individual poetry recitals and everyone in the audience loved the show.
Thank you all for coming today.
By E.R. & M.G. Primary 4

January 13th 2017. Primary 4 Blog
Hello and welcome back! We wish you all a wonderful new year!

This term we will be focusing on Scotland, Scottish traditions, language, famous people and culture. To this end we will be celebrating and having a Scot’s Day in school on the 27th January to which you are all invited to attend.
Our class will be performing the poem:

The Swing
How do you like to go up in a swing,
Up in the air so blue?
Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing
Ever a child can do!

Up in the air and over the wall,
Till I can see so wide,
Rivers and trees and cattle and all
Over the countryside—

Till I look down on the garden green,
Down on the roof so brown—
Up in the air I go flying again,
Up in the air and down!

By: Robert Louis Stevenson
And also the song:

Wild Mountain Thyme
scocha-Wild Mountain Thyme the version we are using can be found on Youtube.

We will aslos be having a BIG focus on our Times Tables: X2 4 8 3 6 5. Get practising! 🙂 Some good games can be found on the Topmarks website.

Christmas Concert & Fair December 9th 2016
Well done to all our P4 children for their amazing food technology and also for their wonderful renditions of ‘Frosty the Snowman’ and ‘It was on a Starry Night’.
The class decided upon food technology and picture frames this year for a change and planned then budgeted for our ideas. We worked with advertising, pricing and designing quality produce. All our hard work paid off really well and we sold out of all our produce. We really enjoyed all our work on this project. Primary

Primary 4 Blog December 2016
Primary 4 have been working very hard on their painting art work. We have been learning about mixing colours to paint light and dark tones. We are really pleased with our paintings and look forward to you seeing them on the 9th of December.
We are VERY excited to be learning about food technology which we then hope to present and sell at the Christmas Fair on the 9th December. We have been practising singing our Christmas songs for you too, we think you’ll love them! 
P4 children have been learning how to write even better stories using short video clips to help our imaginations and ideas. We really enjoyed watching the Snow People Clip it was really fun to see the snowman adventuring across the countryside so that he could buy a present for the snowperson he loved! The clip was called…. John Lewis Christmas Advert 2012 – The Journey. We hope to use other clips to help our writing. and ideas.
On Sunday the 11th at 10am we hope to see you at Mass because the Cardinal is coming to bless our new school statues.
p4-smBy L.D. 🙂

Spooky Walk Review
On Friday the 28th of October there was a Sponsored Spooky Walk ran and organised by… Chris Tait (Picture below) and the Parent Council. It was so much fun! We got sweets and crisps on the walk, we saw amazing views over the town of South Queensferry. There was a smashing view of the bridges with sunshine glinting off the ripples on the Forth.P1-P3 walked to visit the fire station and P4-P7 walked down by the Ferry Glen then down onto the high street. While P4-P7 were on the high street they visited many of the local shops and were greeted by the owners, some even gave some trick or treat gifts to the children (thank you so much, they were very tasty!). When we came back the P1-3 had a party in the hall when they had finished their party we had our party next. We were dunking for apples and eating doughnuts off the string. We got a party bag at the end and we went back to class to choose some fun activities. What an amazing spooky day! Thanks to our AMAZING Parent Council!
By Aaronmr-tait

Queensferry Arts Project

Primary 2/3 and P4 will be joined by artist Karen Trotter on Wednesday 26th Oct (P4) & Thursday 27th Oct (P2/3) for the day to learn more about creating works of art from natural and found objects. Karen will present some of her current pieces to the class in the morning and then accompany them on a woodland walk in the Ferry Glen, where the pupils will collect leaves, bark etc. to use in their own creations. On returning to school, Karen will support and guide the pupils in how to make the best use of their woodland materials. We intend to hold a presentation of the finished pieces in the near future. These workshops form part of a larger celebration of our community as our Queensferry Crossing opens.

The organisation and funding for the project has been led by Gowan Calder, an arts professional who is also one of our parents. The project was initially a joint venture with North Queensferry Primary and we hope to collaborate with the school again. Gowan will be taking a video diary of the activities for promotional purposes and to enable future funding applications however we have stated that no head and shoulder shots of pupils can appear in the footage. The filming will be limited to shots of the activities rather than the pupils.


Primary 4 Blog Friday 7th October
Primary 4 were very fortunate to have a visitor from a special robotics engineer today. Constantinos who had assembled a robotic arm brought it to class to demonstrate its capabilities.
Using a series of simple commands input on a laptop the children were, under Constantinos’ direction and help, able to pick up and move a pencil. The children explained how this technology and capability would be invaluable for astronauts and deep sea submersible operators – of which we may have many more in the work place after today! 
Thank you Constantinos for bringing this in to share with us and allowing others a chance to operate the robot as well. Constantinos thought it would be a good idea to have a competition between the boys and girls to see who were the best robot operators and the winners were……………………….. THE GIRLS!!!! Well done! 


Primary 4 Blog 3rd October 2016
In Primary 4 during September we have been learning about 2D shape in Maths and we have now begun finding fractions of amounts eg.1/2, 1/3, 1/4,1/5, 1/10.
In our Social Studies we have been learning about Chinese Dragons, they represent prosperity and good fortune. We are also learning the dragon and lion dances.
In Art we have made graffiti name fences, they were good fun! In ICT we are creating a Power Point on China for a presentation to teach the rest of the class. We are also typing a descriptive writing piece on Station Road Park for the Green Pencil Award.We are also learning about HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills questioning to learn more comprehension skills).
By Andrew.hots1grafitti-names

Primary 4 Blog 30th September 2016
We have been learning how to write our names in graffiti. We have been learning that there are 7 continents in the world. We have learned about China and are creating a power point it is fun in school. The Chinese invented so many things: paper, paper money, gun powder, cross bows, paddle boats, the compass and many more things we still use today especially ice cream!!!
On Thursday Eilish’s mum came in to talk to the whole school about germs. She did a great power point and lesson! Thank you for telling us about Fred the germ and what happens in our bodies.
We are trying to use new exciting and interesting sentence openers too….

P4 Outstanding Openers

16th September P4 Blog
chinese-dragonsThis week we have been learning about the Chinese Zodiac calendar, the traditional Dragon and Lion Dances and Emperor Qin’s Great Wall of China. We have finished our 2D shape work and have started fractions now.

Monday 5th September 2016 P4 BlogChinese fansToday we were learning about hte properties of 2D shapes. We learned about Right, Obtuse and Acute angles. We were reading for fluency, expression and for understanding. We are focusing on our cursive handwriting just now too. This afternoon we had lots of fun making Chinese fans in Art. They’re coming together well and we’re nearly finished them now.
By Constantinos

P4’s Volleyball Tasters Blog 1.09.16
Today P4 had a visiting volleyball coach from our Active Schools project. They will be running a club at South Queensferry High School each Friday afternoon.
Sophie reported on the fun and games the children had during the session:
“They slithered like snakes,
walked like heavy bears,
hopped like bouncing frogs.
Next they learned how to volley the ball to their partner.
Everyone had crazy fun, I nearly got hit by a ball!”

Primary 4 Edinburgh Book Festival Trip Report
“I very much enjoyed going to the Book Festival. We took the train and then we walked all the way to Charlotte’s Square. The Book Festival was enormous with tents and walkways everywhere! I enjoyed our show with Marcia Williams, she asked lots of children to perform a Shakespeare play on the stage. I also really enjoyed having lunch in the warm sunshine on deck chairs. I bought a book there too!”
By Emily

In Primary 4 during the 1st term the children have decided to learn about Ancient China. We are hoping to learn about Chinese foods, Chinese customs (including the dragon and lion dances), the Great Wall of China and the Teracotta Army, we are also hoping to learn about some of the famous Chinese Dynasties. Some of the websites we will be using in class and which you might like to use at home too are: