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St. Margaret’s R.C. Primary School

P5 Ms Barbour

Primary 5 Learning in Term III May 2018.

P5 4 Contexts for Learning TIII April - June 2018

Primary 5 Class Blog March 2018
We have been learning how to put a successful Talking Newsletter together: we have developed planning skills, co-operative learning skills such as including everyone, giving praise and working as a team. We enjoyed sharing our learning with families: explaining strategies and teaching them the skills we had learned in maths. We have learned the properties of 3D shapes and their nets. We are continuing to develop skills of speed and accuracy when using our times tables. Skimming and scanning for information has been fun then the challenge of selecting information, recording notes and creating new texts such as a leaflet and poster – applying our reading skills to our writing.

Primary 5 Class Blog December 2017
We have been learning about The Holy Land
and how it relates to the stories of the Bible.
Father Deeley has also been visiting us weekly and
helping with this. In Maths we are applying our
knowledge of times tables to more challenging
situations and planning our Christmas enterprise to
sell at the school fair. We are learning new French
vocabulary and becoming more confident speaking in
French. In reading, we are developing skills of
comprehension by asking and answering questions.
We had the opportunity to bring in and share books
during Book Week Scotland. It was an enjoyable
learning experience getting to know different
books. Our Treasure Island class assembly was a
huge success and all of our hard work: singing,
dancing, learning the lines, acting, creating scenery
and working as a team paid off. We all had a
wonderful time and felt very proud.

P5’s trip to The National Gallery of Scotland

On Tuesday the 31st of October, P5 went to the art gallery.
Kathrine and Andy, who are artists, showed us round the gallery.
We saw paintings of all different sizes from massive to tiny and some wonderful statues too.
They gave us sketch books and a pencil case with a variety of drawing tools,
so that we could get some inspiration from paintings and draw different scenes, inspired by the paintings.
P5 saw the BIGGEST painting in the WHOLE gallery; It was about six metres by five metres.
Most artists paint on canvas which is a type of cloth material.
We also went outside into Princes Street Gardens to sketch our surroundings,
using black pen and painted water over the drawing to make a water effect.
It was spectacular! We enjoyed our trip to the art gallery and were inspired by the work of many different
artists. We developed our artistic skills of blending primary colours and using graphite to draw.
By K. W and L.J

Primary 5 Class Blog October 2017
In October, we started our Money
topic: The History of Money, songs about money
and working with sums of money. For Mental
Maths we used a racetrack and timed how fast we
could complete times tables challenges. We all
wrote gruesome ghost stories and some went
forward to the City of Edinburgh competition.
Three pupils from P.7 shared their super stories
with us. Fischy Music came to our school and we
learned and composed great songs with them.
Aimee from Queensferry High School worked
with us for a week and helped us learn and have
fun. We had a great time on the Spooky Walk
and at the National Gallery.
Primary 5 Class Blog September 2017
In Primary 5 we are excited to be learning a new
language- French. In art we have painted self-portraits
which are now displayed on the wall. They look great!
In August we enjoyed listening to Lari Don at The
Edinburgh Book Festival. We are currently writing
imaginative stories and trying to improve our VCOP.
Saint Augustine’s Cluster Schools Games Day was
exciting: we enjoyed the variety of sports and making
new friends. Walking across the new bridge was, “A
once in a lifetime opportunity” (Aaron). After the walk
we composed a super class poem about the experience.
We are now organising the Macmillan Coffee Morning
for the end of September…please come!