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St. Margaret’s R.C. Primary School

P5/6 Miss Brown

P5/6 Term III April-June 2017 4 Contexts for Learning

P5/6 Blog December 2016

In maths we have been learning about measurement and finding the perimeter of 2D shapes. We have also been learning to convert metres to centimetres and centimetres to millimetres. We had fun measuring our body parts. We have also been working on our rounding.

In Literacy we have been learning about prefixes and suffixes. We learned that prefixes go at the start and can change the meaning of the word. We also learnt that a suffix goes at the end of a word. e.g. friend + ship= Friendship, mis + understand= misunderstand. We have been really enjoying our work in Literacy.
We wrote a story about Friendship to celebrate Friendship week in school.

In art made winter mosaics, we all have been really enjoying it.
Not long ago we did an assembly on William Shakespeare. We made a play on one of his famous plays “The Tempest.” Our class worked as hard as we could to produce a wonderful act for our amazing mums, dads, grannies and grandpas.
By MG, N and M.

P5/6 Term I August 2016 4 Contexts for Learning

P5/6 learning
In maths the class have been working on angles. In the Diamonds math group they have been using protractors and measuring angles. The Stars and Pentagons have been doing compass work with angles. They have also been finding missing angles in triangles. The whole class went outside in the playground to do an angle hunt to find different angles like obtuse, right, and acute and a straight angles.
In art we have been doing Pointillism art. We had to use cotton buds we all did different designs. It was really fun to do but we got a bit messy.
Recently the P6s have gone sailing. In their opinion they said it was really extraordinary but the best thing was when you capsized. On the last day they went paddle boarding and at some point they all fell in. They were playing water polo on paddle boards. Sadly on the last day Kara lost her shoe and stood on a rock.
P5/6 have entered the Green Pencil Award. The theme for this year is Scotland’s Glorious Gardens. They had a choice if they wanted to write a story or a poem, the main gardens that they wrote about were the Royal Botanic Garden or Princes Street Garden. They were only allowed one page of work. Some students found it hard not to go over to the second page.

One of the girls has quite recently completed a 5k run for Subway and Helping Hearts. We are very proud of her. It took her 51 minutes and 10 seconds to do the whole run. She started at St. Margarets Well in Edinburgh and ended at St. Margarets Well because she ran around in a circle. She really enjoyed and she raised a lot of money.
Thank you for reading what we have been doing in class.
By G. J. & K. 🙂






I Bike comes to P5, St Margaret’s Primary School

Dear Parent/Carer

After the Active Travel Breakfast on Friday the 11th November, pupils in P5 will be participating in a cycle skills session. We ask that, where possible, pupils bring their own bikes, but we have a small number of bikes available to borrow for those who need them – please let us know on the form below.

All pupils are expected to wear a helmet at all times when cycling. If needed these can be purchased from me for £6 as well as locks for £4 (again, see form below).

With best wishes,

Niall Shannon
Sustrans Cycling Officer
Email: Mob: 07920 233075
For further information about I Bike and Sustrans visit:

Please complete and return the form below by Friday the 4th Nov.