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St. Margaret’s R.C. Primary School

P6/7 Ms Barbour

P6/7 Term III 4 Contexts for Learning


P6/7 Term II Jan-April 2017 4 Contexts for Learning


On the 6th of December 2016 two representatives from the Royal Bank of Scotland visited the P6/7 classroom to give them a challenge-The challenge was to make the best birthday party celebration we could think of. The catch?….. The catch was to do it in a budget of under £100.

There were six groups of children that had to think of ways to make the best party possible.

Throughout this experience we developed real life skills; we learned how to be organised, apply our maths, use money effectively and to communicate with each other to make- The best party possible.

At the end we voted for the best fun party and also the party where budget money was spent most wisely. We also each received a goodie bag and certificate. Maths in this challenge was fun!

By Finn and Blair.

Primary 6/7 Blog December 2016

This month we have been learning about area and perimeter and how they are used in real life situations. Santa is coming to town and we were given a challenge of investing £15 to make a profit by buying products to then sell at the Christmas Fair. Having studied Shakespeare and Macbeth, using many skills, the whole class prepared then performed a spectacular, outstanding assembly for the school as well as our families. In French we are using collage art skills to design various French shop fronts as we extend our knowledge of French vocabulary. In writing we have much to celebrate: following MD’s success in coming runner up in the city Ghost Story Competition NR and MM triumphantly achieved a place in the top 20 writers in the Green Pencil creative writing competition. We are all developing our skills in personal writing. November ends but we remembered and wrote prayers for those who bravely lost their lives in war so that ours could be better.

P6/7 Term I August 2016 4 Contexts for Learning
grafitti-wall-p6-7colour-portraits-p6-7In P6/7 we have been creating some abstract portraits; firstly we had to draw a rough sketch of ourselves in a particular style in order for it to look good.
Next we had to decide on our choice of bright coloured paint- we would then start colouring it in!
The final step was to outline our works of art using black pens.
I’m sure you’ll agree the results were amazing.
By Grace
Green Pencil Competition Entry:

Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh Every plant is a gem!

“I still believe in miracles”

Opening daily
10am-6pm, (Feb to Oct), 10am-5pm, (Nov to Jan)
Gardens entry-free but there is a small fee for the glasshouses.
Summer: colours are ablaze with life jam-packed with exotic plants.
Winter: the amazing shinning lights come on like fireworks from the castle. Tranquil – all at rest.
Autumn: the leaves dance down crunch beneath my feet- amazing sound.
Springtime: exciting: as rhododendrons burst into bloom, a treat for all-“pure imagination”.
Take an around a world trip- Rainforest, Rock Gardens, Chinese Gardens. The world is on your doorstep…step in!

BY Glen
Green Pencil Competition Entry:

A Magical Tree

From what I can see, people are
About to chop down a beautiful tree,
In a magical garden, a magical tree,
A magical Scottish tree, my information informs me,
This tree has done no harm to you or me
But will come to harm, this wonderful tree,
This wonderful garden with a wonderful tree
Will make-way for houses, buildings and humanity,
We must preserve this nature reserve,
We must fight for their lives with our lives
For if not we will be wrong, wrong not to
Protect this beautiful garden with a beautiful tree,
You must agree to disagree with this monstrosity
That’s destroying innocent lives, the lives of
Nature, wildlife, bugs and going to be that
Beautiful, magical, wonderful tree,
That commited no crime but will be executed
By the people of insanity,
Now c’mon, repeat this with me…

By Angus

Primary 6/7 had the opportunity to work with the Director of a company called Urbantu linking work on the European Union Mobility Week to a study of how we can improve our own immediate area for people walking, running, cycling and those using wheel chairs.
The children examined local ordinance survey maps to identify potential hazards or hindrances for easy mobility around South Queensferry.
Mr Clarkson was very impressed with the children and commented “thanks for the positive enthusiasm that your school has demonstrated towards this project. The combined P6-P7 were among the best we’ve worked with recently.” So well done children and Ms Barbour! 🙂


We, (the P6s) have been sailing every Friday down at Port Edgar for the past 6 weeks. I personally found it very enjoyable and would recommend to take the course if you get the chance.
You learn how to rig (set up the boat) and de-rig (opposite of rigging), how to tighten and loosen the sail and how to steer. Don’t be afraid to get out on the Forth as you will really enjoy it. You have that tingling feeling of excitement as you’re gliding through the water. When you’re sailing on the edge it’s even more fun because of the adrenalin rushing through your body and of the realistic chance you’ll fall in (it is fun). It’s safe for those who worry, you get buoyancy aids (lifejackets) and there are always one or two instructors nearby.
Overall, it’s a wonderful experience that you really should try.

St Margaret’s fantastic Poet Laureate
A Rainforest Poem

As high as the heavens,
As tall as the stars,
Trees climb higher, higher, higher.
Rainbow coloured birds light up the sky,
Soaring, searching for food to survive.
Silky looking spider monkeys move swiftly, silently,
Up and down the tallest of the trees, staring out over the rainforest.
Majestic, brilliant blue butterflies ever flutter, gliding,
Soaring like kites lost in the wind.
Bats that you never see come out at night,
Still almost invisible to the naked eye.

A distinct howl destroys the perfect tranquillity of the emergent layer,
A howler monkey glimpses it’s predator in the canopy layer as
Iridescent frogs leap from tree to tree,
Searching for a tasty meal.
Sleepy, slow sloths, tiredly hang upside down absorbing the heat,
Harmonious humming-birds, an orchestra of sweet-sounding instruments.

Sly Jaguars creep across the understory layer,
Spreading darkness wherever they tread,
Colonies of army ants flock the branches of the rainforest,
Scavenging for greener than green leaves,
A rustling of leaves,
Signifies the return of the scaly snake to it’s layer,
The glistening gecko climbs up the trees,
At the speed of a cheetah.

With a tangle of menacing roots and umbrella-like fungi,
The forest floor is an obstacle course for the unwary walker,
With rotten leaves and bright green ferns.

Clumsy Tapirs, shy Jaguars, sly Tigers, massive Elephants,
From all four corners of the earth,
Roam this dense, humid, dark, murky waste-land whilst,
All kinds of fish,With colours varying from plain grey to shimmering, and rainbow-coloured,
Swim undetected in the brownish waters of the rivers,
Ants scuttle eternally about,
Carrying three times their own body weight!
Then the sun will set and,
Where there should be peace and quiet,
Will be the whole other half of the rainforest animal noises;
There will never be silence in the rainforest.

By Carrie


Green Pencil Award Entry
Letter to Rose:
Dear Rose,
I write to tell you of your grace and how you are unique to me. Your beauty never fails to please. When you bloomed on that day; beautiful. Pure radiance. Standing out from every other rose and flower in the garden of Prince’s Street.
Gracefully, you stood, your vibrant red petals glowing in the sunshine. I thought to myself,” That’s my rose, that one must be mine”. Tulips are simple, lavender smells lovely, but nothing, nothing is as bonny as you.
I know I had to go, and leave you there that night. I promise I will return at any chance I have. All I can think of right now is my rose, my love at first sight.
Rose, I simply cannot state how much I love you, your fragrance fills my lungs with hope and happiness, because deep down I know you love me too. Whenever I see you I think. Beautiful. Pure radiance. My rose.

By Mia
P6/7 Art Trip
On Monday the 10th of October primary 6/7 visited the National Art Gallery for a special outing. The P6/7s learnt many art techniques on how to draw and paint. We focused on landscape scenes like Olive Trees by Vincent Van Gogh and many more. The tour guides, Paula and Fraser were kind enough to give each of us a sketch pad and pencil case with a mix of drawing tools. We were assigned a task to look around at the beautiful artwork and find inspiration to sketch. We were taught to use our surroundings to improve our sketches; meaning we used mud leaves twigs etc.
A great skill that we learnt was how to use perspective by adding a person to the drawing. In addition we learnt how to create background, middle ground and foreground. We got to observe many magnificent and exquisite pieces of art, the most recent piece of art was 120 years old. Wow! There was even an unfinished piece. We are thankful that Paula (p6 tour guide) and Fraser (p7 tour guide) were very helpful and that they taught us well. Our next assignment is to apply our learning when we draw and paint back at school.
Katy and Grace art-trip-1art-trip-2