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St. Margaret’s R.C. Primary School

P6 Mrs Mallon

Primary 6 Class Blog March 2018
This year in February primary 6 learned a lot in different contexts. We went to a STEM competition at St Augustine’s. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. In the competition there were three categories water, wind turbines and travel safety. One group from our class won in the water category. STEM was really good fun! Another thing that we did with the Primary 7s was cross country. Five girls and five boys were selected from each class to be put forth into the race. We had to run a mile in the Meadows in Edinburgh. It was very trying, however it was extremely fun and we would definitely do it again. In our maths we were focusing on coordinates. One group were focusing on negative coordinates, while others focussed on normal coordinates. We enjoyed learning about coordinates because it will help us in our future life. In our literacy we were learning about persuasive writing. For example we had to write a letter to Mr Wonka about making his chocolate Fairtrade and we had to back up our letter with facts. We have also been learning about the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit as part of the Pope Francis Award. We have a little book with factual information about God and activities to be completed. Last but certainly not least, our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory project. Primary 5,6 and 7s are learning about health and wellbeing through performing a play on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We have lots of different roles from technicians to actors and actresses and are very excited to show you our play before the Easter holidays!

Primary 6 Class Blog December 2017
We have been very busy this month. In
maths we are learning about money and budgeting
which will help us with our Christmas enterprise.
We’ve been learning how to play volleyball and
basketball. We have been practising for our P6
assembly which went very well. In literacy we have
been learning how to create suspense in our story
writing. We are looking forward to the festive
season and have already been to perform Christmas
songs in Edinburgh for STV2. It has been a very
exciting month!
Primary 6 Class Blog October 2017
October has been an exciting month
in P6. We had our final sailing lesson and
finished our science lessons at St Augustine’s.
We finally solved the murder mystery using the
skills we learned. In literacy we wrote some
spooky ghost stories based in Edinburgh and
some of our stories were entered into a
competition! We have started a new topic in
maths which is learning about money. We have
learned that the maths skills we learn in the
classroom can be used in the real world which
makes our learning worthwhile. In Art, we have
recreated the work of two famous Spanish
artists, Miro and Picasso. We also had a visit
from Fischy Music which was great fun. We
learned new songs about emotions and also got
to sing some of our favourites. The month ended
on a high with the Spooky Walk and a Halloween
party. P6 would like to say a massive thank you
to the Parent Council for organising this.
Primary 6 Class Blog September 2017
We are very excited to be starting primary 6 in a
brand new classroom. Our new classroom has comfy
sofas, swivel chairs, a coffee table, high stools and
beanbags. We also have two brand new teachers. Mrs
Mallon on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and
Fridays and Ms Paxton on a Wednesday.
Primary 6 went to the Edinburgh Book Festival to see
Lari Don. She told us about a story that she wrote and
inspired us to be creative with our writing. We
imitated the work of Pablo Picasso in Art. We used
Cubism to create faces and used lots of colours.
We also attended a Clusters Games event with P5 at
St. Augustine’s with children from P5 and P6 from
all primary schools that feed into St Augustine’s.
We are looking forward to sailing for 6 weeks. We met
the Queen at the Official Opening of the Queensferry
Bridge, walked across the brand new bridge.
This week we have had science at St. Augustine’s and
will have the official opening of our new hall on