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St. Margaret’s R.C. Primary School

P7 Mr O’Connor

Primary 7 Learning in Term III May 2018.

P7 4 Contexts for Learning TIII April - June 2018

Primary 7 Class Blog February/March 2018

Since coming back from our holidays Primary 7 have been very busy learning all about engineering, both the types of engineering there are and also all about the different jobs connected to engineering. Primary 7s have worked together in small engineering groups to design and then create a model for something that will improve safety, structure design or water clarification. We took our completed designs and models to St Augustine’s on Friday 23rd February joining other Primary 6 & 7s from our cluster schools. There were professional engineers there who viewed our designs and listened to our presentations then judged which they thought were the best in each category. Our class had two groups who received honours and another group who actually won their category outright. Well done to ALL the groups for their hard work. Primary 7 have also been learning about how to write persuasive letters and debate arguments for and against a motion. In French we have been learning about our bodies, the weather, greetings and will be moving on to our families and pets.
Primary 7 Camp Information

Primary 7 camp will be on the dates: 12th to the 15th March 2018 at Belmont Centre.

Belmont is located here:
For Belmont Centre website please click HERE.

A suggested kit list from Belmont:

Belmont suggested kit list

There will be a parent/carer information evening here at school to tell you more about camp and offer you a chance to ask any questions you may have – even small things!

We’re very excited about our trip!! 🙂

Primary 7 Class Blog November 2017
This month Primary 7 have been progressing full steam ahead with their current Engineering topic. We have had a visit from the head of Science in St Augustine’s High School, Mr Dalgleish. He invited us to partake in an exciting engineering competition where we can choose to create an engineering design for one of these themes:

a) A way to create clean drinking water (in Scotland or abroad).
b) An invention to improve one aspect of safety in our daily lives (such as the airbag).
c) A design to help prevent wind damage to structures such as bridges, skyscrapers and houses.

We are able to join together in pairs or work individually. We are excited that we can meet our partners outside of school to work on our designs.

We visited the National Museum of Scotland to listen to real engineers talk about how they became an engineer and how they used resilience to stick at it even when things got tough! There was also a solicitor there who spoke about how he helped engineers protect their ideas.

Primary 7 are extremely good at working and helping their Buddies in P1. Each week we help them with their reading and also their outside learning in Maths.

We are completing our Make, Say, Write, Do assessments on our Money topic and beginning our new Time theme.

P7 have also worked hard to create Make, Say, Write, Do assessments for our WWII themed learning. The children are now presenting their learning through the use of a mediums such as: posters, leaflets, Power Points; the Scratch computer programme and Kahoot (which one of our parents suggested we use, thank you 🙂 ). The children have worked fantastically well on this topic, learning a great deal and have enjoyed it very much. A BIG well done to all the children for their hard work.

Primary 7 Class Blog October 2017
This month in Primary 7 we have been VERY busy indeed! We have been creating agamographs in Art, which have been really interesting and fun to make. For a short video on how they work click HERE.

We have also been creating some Halloween decorations for our class parties in the hall.
Primary 7 have finished our class reader ‘Kidnapped’ by Robert Louis Stevenson and begun our new novel named ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ written by Michelle Magorian. We are really beginning to get into this book. Mr O’Connor is showing us the video as we read as well which really helps us imagine what things would have been like as an evacuee during World War II.
We have made an Anderson Shelter in the classroom as well which is great for a quiet space to work. We all designed a new layout for our classroom and voted on the design we liked best. We have moved the furniture to create our new learning space taken from this design. We are very excited at the possibility of getting some new items of furniture soon, such as beanbags.
Thank you again to all the parents and carers who came to see our assembly and gave us such fabulous feedback. 
We have begun to use a new Big Maths Scheme for our Mental Maths.
In P.E. we are starting an in class volleyball competition.

Primary 7 recently wrote creepy, scary and spooky stories to enter a competition hosted by Edinburgh Museums.
It was a very tough decision choosing only three that could be sent away to be judged.
Please enjoy reading the three stories chosen from our class. These stories come with a fright warning!!!

Evening Misty Eyes
By GMW Primary 7

Vipress’s feet where glued to the cobbled ground, she saw Burk’s blood-shot eyes lock onto her as the executer raised a scalpel then lunged it into Burk’s pale flesh. He gave her an insane, psychotic grin and mouthed something to her. His lips seeming to form the words “I will get you”. She fell back, surprised, her heart was in her mouth. Our young heroine noticed blood seeping from her hand. She had cut it on a serrated rock

Vipress couldn’t watch Burk’s accomplice, Hare being dissected either. It was a bitter October evening, the wind danced with her long, jet-black curly hair. Her blood glistened on her palm like dim, sunlit rubies sitting on pale sand. She squeezed her eyes shut and in hailed deeply then made her way into her grim, uninviting home. Slowly she opened her muddy front door, Vipress was proud of herself to even have a home. It takes a lot of meaningful effort to obtain a decent dwelling in Edinburgh. She trudged heavily back to ragged, begrimed bed, the eerie moonlight shone through the cracked window pane and onto her mattress. She flopped down on the rock hard mattress and immediately fell into a deep, deep sleep.

Annoyingly, she was awoken by a loud tapping noise, slowly she turned on her side to see what was the cause of this sound. Vipress was still in her muddy, green, trench coat. In the peeling, painted window she saw a ghostly-pale, thin face staring at her with elusive, misty eyes and the figure’s long, bony finger digit tapping loudly on the window pane. Vipress nearly jumped out of her skin, she let out a small shriek and half ran, half fell out of the bedroom. Then she bolted into the bathroom, locking the door shut behind her. She sat there, huddled up in a corner shivering from head to toe. Thankfully there were no windows to let the monster in but icy, cold, needles pierced her skin. She eventually sprinted to the front door and quietly made her way to the dark, nefarious woods. She sat behind a thick, rough tree. She saw the pale, glowing figure in the distance. He disappeared. Vipress felt benumbed air whoosh behind her. He held a menacing knife, is evil eyes widened. She screamed ……!

The Little Princess
By A W Primary 7

It all started on a cold, stormy night in Edinburgh in the year 1876. The rain hammered at the grand windows, the wind screamed at the inhabitants of the building, demanding attention, the thunder clapped sarcastically at the folly attempts of the wind. The lightning struck the ground for no apparent reason. Whilst this was happening a small child was playing in her toy room. This room was in a foreboding castle, to be precise Edinburgh Castle.
Rosie was a little princess aged seven. She was playing with her toy soldiers which were made out of ivory and ebony wood, it was just another show of money. The toy soldiers wore tartan kilts and sashes and a tartan cap. This night, to Rosie, the soldiers seemed more lifelike. She almost thought she could feel the short shallow breaths of the soldiers’ though she knew that couldn’t be possible, could it?
The bell chimed twelve times, it was twelve o’clock. That was when she heard the bagpipes. It was a slow, sorrowful tune, Rosie couldn’t work out where it was coming from, then she heard marching, then she heard drums, then she heard trumpets… then she heard nothing. Suddenly, she wanted to be snuggled up in bed, not playing with her toy soldiers. That was when she realised, that was when she realised that the noises were coming from her toy soldiers.
She ran to the door and tried to open it but it was locked, she felt hundreds of the tiny soldiers climbing up her legs. They pulled her to the floor and tied her down. She screamed and lashed out but it did nothing. One soldier climbed up on top of her nose whilst the other soldiers were chanting an ancient tune. He said “Whas yer mammy gonna do now?”
To this day the original toy that the young princess played with can be viewed in the Museum of Childhood.

The Monks of Inchcolm Abby
By K A Primary 7

The one and only thing Jess could think about was it was getting dark, darker and darker
As the cold sinister night crept in. But as the dark night progressed it started to rain heavily Jess kept regretting coming to Inchcolm Island but most of all she wished she had not split up with her friends, she had to take shelter. she knew that the only place she could go was the abbey. The old abbey as her classmates called it maybe her friends are their now “Yes” she exclaimed she saw candle light illuming the empty corridors she ran as fast as she could.
Although when she got in it was colder inside than out She hesitantly decided to slowly shuffle forward, then she started to walk further inside the dwelling however she felt something as cold as ice grasp the back of her neck Jess turned swiftly not yet knowing what she was going to do or see…
But when she turned around and saw nothing but emptiness, just cold dark air surrounding her like a pack of hyenas laughing at her. Jess couldn’t see her own hand on front of her face the air was as dark as coal and as murky as loch ness always feeling like someone…something is watching it felt thick and it was hard to breath. every so often she would see a light she decided to go up the spiral stair case to investigate further.
Our heroine saw a dark shadow coming up the stairs behind her so Jess ran hastily forward up the stairs up…up…up… Jess asked herself “who is that?… what is that?”
Glancing back, Jess stumbles and falls heavily upon the ground. The figure stands there watching her and Jess staring back into the figures dark shadows of eyes.
It extended its arm towards Jess offering a hand she took it, the figure wore long robes, and Jess could not make out the strangers face. But before she could look up it was gone!
“I have to find my friends… I have to find my friends …” Jess thought.
Terrifying, terror stricken thoughts all whizzing around in her head she felt like her head was about to burst. And why did the mysterious shadow help her?
“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH” the sound of Rachel screaming the sound was ear bleeding, ear shattering.
“Rachel!!!” yelled Jess in a panic, it was thought boggling…
Jess ran down to Rachel as fast as she could, when she got there Rachel was lying on the hard ground “I-I saw a monk and a Viking?!” Rachel exclaimed in a confused manor.
“The monk didn’t have a head”
“What do you mean didn’t have a head- you know what Rachel lets go”
So that’s what they did but no one knows what happened next or what happened to the girls. it’s been said that sometimes you can hear two girls playing in the Abby …


A BIG well done to all the Primary 7 pupils for their outstanding assembly and presentation on World War II. The children have been learning about elements of the topic that interest them, linking this to the core skills in the Curriculum for Excellence.
Thank you to our parents, carers and families who came to see and support us, we loved performing to you.
Some of you were kind enough to leave comments on our assembly:

“Very good, great facts and presentation. Cool dancing at the end!”

“That was excellent, informative and entertaining. Lots of hard work obviously. Well done!”

“Very well presented and very informative” Well done!”

“A very good presentation from all the class. Keep it going!”

“A fantastic presentation. Lovely to see all the kids growing in confidence.”

“A brilliant presentation, very talented children. Well done!”

Primary 7 Class Blog 18th September 2017
In Maths we have been learning to problem solve
cracking simple, moderate and fiendish Sudoku
puzzles. We were also using our problem solving skills
using statistical information on a football World Cup
Primary 7 has been reading Kidnapped, the wellknown
Robert Louis Stevenson novel set in the 19th
century. It tells the tale of a young man named Davie
embarking on an extraordinary adventure across
Scotland. It’s a very interesting story.
Our class attended the Queensferry Bridge opening
ceremony. We were excited because the Queen
attended and we also saw Nicola Sturgeon. One of us
shook hands with the Queen and another got a selfie
with Nicola Sturgeon. After this we walked on the
bridge once again. This will be a one off chance as the
bridge will only be for vehicles normally and not
pedestrians. What a week it was!
P7 pupils are also beginning their paired and individual
assembly presentations. There are
a variety of topics and each is very different. We are
expecting them to be AMAZING!

Class Blog 6th September 2017
Primary 7 has had a busy week visiting the bridge twice.
On Monday the 4th September the children in Primary 6 & 7 attended the opening ceremony of the new Queensferry Crossing bridge.
The Queen was there to cut the ribbon and some of our pupils were lucky enough to to meet her-a moment they will remember no doubt!
Some of the pupils were interviewed by STV; Sky News and the BBC News. The children represented themselves and the school marvellously and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them for this.
Please see below for some of the pictures from the day…….

Primary 7 Class Blog Friday 1st September 2017

Dear Parents/Carers and Primary 7 pupils.

I have great pleasure in sharing some of the key learning skills we will be focusing on this term. The children will work with me next week to choose some themes and topics to learn these skills through.
I must say that I am very impressed with the Primary 7 pupils this year and am very excited to have the pleasure of working with them and you.

Please if you have any questions or suggestions for us that would help our learning write a note for me in your child’s Homework Diary. If you or a member of the family are able to come in and share some expertise on any of these topics we would very much appreciate your time (you don’t have to be an expert and often it is invaluable for children to listen to people other than their teacher). Also if you have any ideas we could use to help us learn the skills below please could you write these in the Homework Diary too.

Many thanks as always for your continued help and support.

Mr O’Connor

Term I 2017/18 Primary 7 learning Skills

1. Maths:
– Estimating & rounding.
– Money.
– Profit & loss accounting (ICT).
– Time: telling, timetables, durations etc.
– Problem solving= Patterns & Relationships.

2. Literacy:
– Listening & talking.
– Organise ideas clearly to engage the audience.
– Creating texts (assemblies, posters ICT) sharing my ideas and experiences, asking/answering questions.
– Reading for fluency & expression, engaging the audience.
– Finding and using information.
– Using HOTS questioning.
– Writing using correct punctuation and grammar.
– Writing using effective organisation and presentation.
– Writing fluently to engage the reader.

3. HWB:
– Mental and emotional HWB-I can express my feelings appropriately.
– I understand how emotions change continually and ID with them less.
– I give support to others learning friendship skills.
– I can travel safely and aware how to judge risk.

4. Social Studies – People, Past Events & Society:
– Use primary & secondary sources of evidence.
– Compare and contrast similarities and differences giving egs.
– I can explain facts about important events, times and people and why they were important.

5. ICT and Technology:
– I can access information backing up what I learn from a variety of sources.
– I use ICT responsibly and safely.
– I create and manipulate a range of media (pics, sound, text) using a variety of applications/programmes.

Primary 7 Class Blog 30th August 2017

Returning from the summer holidays we got straight to work!

In Maths we have been learning to problem solve cracking simple, moderate and fiendish Sudoku puzzles.
We were also using our problem solving skills using statistical information on a football World Cup Tournament.

Primary 7 has been reading Kidnapped, the well-known Robert Louis Stevenson novel set in the 19th century.
It tells the tale of a young man named Davie embarking on an extraordinary adventure across Scotland.
It’s a very interesting story.

Soon our class will be attending the Queensferry Bridge opening ceremony. We are excited because the Queen
is due to attend and perhaps one or more of us will meet her.

After this we will be visiting the bridge once again, this time to walk along it.
This will be a one off chance as the bridge will only be for vehicles normally and not pedestrians.

P7 pupils are also beginning their paired and individual assembly presentations. There are
a variety of topics and each is very different. We are expecting them to be AMAZING!

Written by A.W. P7.