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St Margarets Primary School

Additional Support Needs/Support for Learning

aslAn additional support need comes from anything which is a barrier to learning. Most, or all, schools will have some children with additional support needs of some kind. The education authority has many legal duties towards pupils with additional support needs.

Information about this is contained in a booklet called In On The Act : Information For The General Public which is published on the education authority website at or contact the additional support for learning team on telephone number 0131 469 3444.

In St Margaret’s all staff strive to ensure there is a culture of inclusion and equality. Mrs Aitken is our Support for Learning Lead Teacher.
We have many support strategies and programmes that we employ to ensure every child in the school has access to the curriculum and every opportunity to succeed. We work closely with outside agencies and parents to ensure all our children have the best support possible. Many parents appreciate the support, one of our parents commented:

“Thanks again for all of the input from the staff team. We are still delighted to see such positive progress. He is generally such a happy little boy and I can certainly see that his time so far at St Margaret’s has really boosted his confidence.”

More information and support for parents and carers can be found on the Education Scotland website:

ASL Education Scotland

And also the document named In On The Act found on the CEC site:

In On The Act CEC


NAIT Key Messages for Staying at Home Language and Conversational Partner Guidance

Language and conversational partners usually communicate with words in sentences. They may have difficulty understanding the ways their daily routines have changed and in making changes to usual activities. At times of unpredictability, individuals may experience increased anxiety, reduced ability to focus attention and to communicate with others. Families can take actions which help individuals to feel safe and calm and to enjoy time at home.
For families who are also adjusting, please remember this does not mean scheduling every moment and there is no ‘right’ way to respond to the new need to stay home. These are some ideas or ‘key messages’ which are commonly helpful for language and conversational partners. These will suit some families some of the time and might be helpful to you. Click on this link….

Safe Space

A Safe Space is a place in your home where your child can choose to go when they are beginning to feel overwhelmed or need time and space to regulate themselves.
Safe Spaces should be:
 Readily accessible to the child so that they can go safely and independently when they need to
 Available whenever they are needed by the child, for as long as they are needed
 Specific to them; not used by anyone else
When your child is in their Safe Space, everyone else in the house should try not to talk to them or to ask anything of them, but should give them time. Click on this link…..

Read Write Inc info.
For a little help with your Read Write Inc home learning lessons during Lockdown

The Ruth Miskin Website is providing YOUTUBE SPEED SOUNDS LESSONS.

Please click HERE for RWInc set 1, 2 and 3 lessons

For lesson times from 20th April to 19th May 2020 please click on link below:
RWInc Set 1, 2 and 3 lessons

New films will be released at the times shown from Monday to Friday. Each film is approximately ten to fifteen minutes long and will be available on YouTube for 24 hours.
Primary 3 & Primary 4 RWInc groups – do Set 1 sounds lessons. You could try some of the Set 2 lessons.
Primary 5 RWInc group – do Set 3 lessons.