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St. Margaret’s R.C. Primary School

Health & Wellbeing Committee

health-committeeThe strong links that exist between health and wellbeing, on the one hand, and achievements in learning on the other, are widely recognised. Effective learning supports positive health and wellbeing, and good levels of health and wellbeing support effective learning. The impact of this inter-dependency on long-term health and social outcomes is most acutely played out in the crucial developmental period from early childhood through to the teenage years. That is when we can make the most positive impact and that is why we have such a core focus on children’s and young people’s health and wellbeing in key national policies such as Getting It Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) and Curriculum for Excellence. This will permeate through all elements of life here at St Margaret’s Primary.

This term our 3 main targets to achieve are:

  1. New outside toys for playtimes.
  2. Help ensure full and correct PE kits are worn.
  3. Ensure we eat our healthy lunches to keep our bodies fuelled.

April 2017
A message from our HWB team.
Well done everyone for wearing the correct PE kits, there has been a big improvement in our House Tee shirts being worn for PE. Don’t forget to have indoor and outdoor PE shoes. Remember to bring in your water bottles this term to keep hydrated!
Thank you!
March 2017

Pupil Voice

Our Primary 6 children have been working very hard together to redesign our Golden Time activities based on the results of a recent survey. For the remainder of this term and next term Golden Time activates will be led by Primary 6 children. Pupils will be invited to sign up to a club committing to attend that club for a 4-week period, after this there will be another 4 week block of new clubs for children to choose from. Golden Time is an opportunity for children to work together through Active Play. The purpose of play-active learning is that it motivates, stimulates and supports children in their development of skills, concepts, language communication skills and concentration. It also provides opportunities for children to develop positive attitudes and to demonstrate use of recent learning, skills and competencies, and to consolidate learning.

Health & Wellbeing Team Blog December 2016
Our Health & Wellbeing Committee have been working very hard to try and improve the health of our school community. They have been visiting classes each day to count the number of healthy snacks in each House. These totals are then added to the running chart on the HWB display board until the goal is reached by the winning House. The winners receive extra Golden Time. 

Our HWB team also hope to revisit and promote our Positive Mindset theme. We are going to use stories and drama to help us. We have displayed this on our board too.
HWB Team.hwb1hwb2