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St Margarets Primary School


Mental Health & Well Being Week St Margaret’s 11th – 15th October 2021


Hello everyone,
As you may or may not be aware we are celebrating a Mental Health Week next week. World Mental Health Day is taking place this Sunday (10 October 2021). The day provides a timely reminder of the importance of taking care of our own and each other’s mental health. The stress and uncertainty of recent months has taken its toll on many within the school community.

We are hoping to help children become further aware of Mental Health and some of the simple things we can do to keep our selves healthy, both physically and mentally.

Some of the items we will be learning about include:

-Understanding the different types of emotions you have. 
-Knowing that everyone has emotions, both positive and negative.
-Knowing who to talk to if you are feeling unhappy or unsafe.
-Making sure you exercise regularly.
-Making sure you have a bank of activities you can do to in order to help your mental well being.
-Making sure you have a healthy diet.
-Limiting time on social media or other online platforms.
-Feeling safe, secure and respected.
-Health care – being able to see a doctor, nurse or counsellor if you need to.

Please view these two videos to give you a flavour of the things we will be learning about:

Children speaking of mindfulness

World Mental Health Day

Please if you would like to share any ideas to do at school or even offer to speak to us and share your knowledge/experience please contact me Garry.O’ thank you.