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St. Margaret’s R.C. Primary School


New Resilience theme: Make A Difference


UNIT 7 Make a Difference

Family Sharing Activity

The media is filled with stories of all kinds of problems in the world that the human race has caused. As a result we are often prompted, in big and small ways, to make a difference to others, our community and our world. This deliberate attempt to do a good deed, without expecting anything in return, has a very positive impact on our self-esteem. This fits very well for those pupils completing the Pope Francis Faith Award.
We have learned that:

• Things humans do have an impact on the world
• Children can contribute to solving problems in the world
• Small things can make a meaningful difference

Make a Difference Challenge (P1–P7 Task)

We would like our families to think of something or someone who is deserving of a little help or kindness in their community. Perhaps you have an elderly neighbour who would like a visit or some help, a neglected area of your street that needs a clean-up, some grown-out-of-toys or clothes that could benefit someone else.

The Challenge:

Step 1: Think of someone or something which is in need of help. Try to come up with an idea that everyone in the family is happy with.
Step 2: Think of some ideas and devise a plan of what you could do to make a difference. We have included some ideas on the other side of the sheet to get you thinking!
Step 3: Carry out your ‘Make a Difference’ project
Step 4: Finally, share your project with us. We would love you to add any photos or pictures!

Please return your family sharing activity to school so you can share your ideas with your class. Some examples will be chosen to share at our Sharing Assembly.