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St Margarets Primary School

Parent Council

Parent Council 2021/22

A warm welcome from St Margaret’s RC Primary Parent Council. Here is a little information on Parent Councils and how this works at our school.

What are the aims of a Parent Council?

The Advancement of Education, which will be achieved by the following methods:
• Promote close co-operation and communication between parents and teachers
• To study and discuss matters of mutual interest relating to the education and welfare of the pupils
• To engage in activities which support and advance the education of pupils attending the school

How does this work at St Margaret’s?

We have monthly Parent Council meetings with the school, where we discuss how we as a parent body can support the school and how we can work together for the benefit of all the pupils at our school. The Parent Council can raise general questions or issues with the school on your behalf. If you have an issue or question specific to your child, it is best to raise this directly with the school yourself. The Parent Council raises funds to support activities at the school. In the past we have funded; sailing (P6), P7 leavers trip, P1 bookbags, buses for the pantomime, the breakfast club, musical instruments, books, iPads, Christmas parties and house prizes. We are always looking for ways to raise more funds so please get in touch if your work does match funding or if you would like to help in anyway.
How to contact the Parent Council
The email address for the Parent Council is
Please do get in touch if we can be of assistance to you and your family whilst you’re at St Margaret’s.
Best wishes,
St Margaret’s RC Primary School Parent Council (SC046403)

Welcome to the Parent Council

Current Parent Council Constitution:

Parent Constitution
Church Rep Role
Equalities Rep Role
Parent Council Data Protection Policy

Parent Council Meeting Minutes - 24 November 2021

Parent Council Meeting Minutes - 27 October 2021

Parent Council Meeting Minutes - 29 September 2021

Parent Council Meeting Minutes - 27 August 2021

Parent Council Minutes 28th Apr 21

Parent Council AGM Minutes 31st Mar 21

Parent Council AGM Treasurer Report 31st Mar 21

Parent Council Headteacher Report 30th Mar 21

Parent Council Approved Minutes 27.01.21

Parent Council Approved Minutes 30.09.20

Approved Parent Council Minutes 26th August 2020

Approved Parent Council Minutes 1st May 2019

Approved Parent Council Minutes 6th February 2019

Approved Parent Council Minutes 21st November 2018

Approved Parent Council Minutes 29th September 2018

Approved Parent Council Minutes 29th August 2018

Approved Parent Council Minutes 10th January 2018

Approved Parent Council Minutes 4th October 2017


Minutes of PC AGM 28th June 2017