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St Margarets Primary School

Pupil Council

pupil-councilAs the direct consumers of education, children and young people have a right to be involved in the decisions made by schools and Councils. This right is enshrined in the Standards in Scotland’s Schools Act 2000.

One of the key ways that the voice of pupils is heard is through school councils. These councils provide an opportunity for young people to participate in the decisions made about their school. Research has found that over the course of their schooling, around a third of pupils will have experienced being a member of a school council, going some way to explode the myth that only the smartest young people participate in the system.

We aim to:

  1. Continue to liaise with the Parent Council to organise school fund raising events.
  2. Continue to develop links to our wider community and other schools.
  3. Continue and develop monitoring of progress within our school of all events and other groups progress.

Pupil Council Blog

In the Pupil Council we are working towards getting a Friendship bench for the playground. We were also hoping to get a few new bins for the playground to prevent littering.