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St. Margaret’s R.C. Primary School


Resilience theme for Term I-Look on the bright side


Family Sharing Activity

We can think about a situation in more than one way. Some of these ways can be
helpful and can lead to us feeling better or finding a solution. Other ways can be
unhelpful and can lead to us feeling worse and not looking for a solution. People who
look on the bright side often see things more positively but they can also be better at
looking for a solution.

We have learned that:
• The way you think can affect the way you feel
• There are different ways of looking at the same thing
• Focusing on what you are grateful for can help you feel better

Memory Jar (P1–P7 Task)
We would like you to create a ‘Memory Jar’. In your jar you should add items that
are special to you. You can use a small box if you do not have a jar and you can
decorate your jar/box in a way that makes it personal to you.
Your jar can contain:
 Items that represent memories that you have shared with people special in your
life or important times in your life, e.g. a shell from your favourite beach walk, a
badge of achievement of something you found challenging, a train ticket to
somewhere special
 Photos that represent things that you are grateful for e.g. the taste of yummy
ice cream, laughing with a friend, a hug etc.
 Notes you have written about random acts of kindness or about your dreams
and wishes
It is hoped that your jar will help you to increase your gratitude for the good things in
your life, help you to build and remember memories of good things to help you
through difficult times and help you to savour the positive moments in your life.

Please return your family sharing activity to school so you can share your ideas with
your class. Some examples will be chosen to share at our Sharing Assembly.

Resilience#Look on the bright side Home Task